Enhance your data room with independent references from CEOs and advisors

In tough fundraising markets, it is essential to be able to explain and demonstrate your investment thesis to potential investors. Critical to this is the testimony of past investees and other stakeholders.

However, potential investors have become ever more demanding of time and information. Likewise, alternative investment houses manage ever greater numbers of increasingly geographically-diverse investor relationships. Consequently, the burden on both potential investors, often themselves resource-strapped anyway, to take references and investee businesses to provide them is increasing.

We can help with:

  • Making the fundraising process as efficient as possible
  • Reducing the number of reference calls your CEOs will have to take
  • Assisting smaller, resource-constrained LPs with building up a picture of your firm’s USPs
  • Demonstrating what your ‘added value’ has been

By asking the right questions, we are able to produce a consistent set of independent reference notes that are easily navigable and highlight to potential investors the key features of your engagement with your investee firms, including origination, value add and exit planning.

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