Seeing the Bigger Picture

It is increasingly important for private equity houses to be close to their key contacts, whether investors or investees, so as to be ahead of the game as stakeholder requirements and expectations change and to understand, pre-empt and address any latent issues.

An objective assessment

Our client maintains an ongoing dialogue with all its investors. But, as the limited partner community has changed, and our clients business has become increasingly internationalised, it wanted to undertake an objective study to understand where its current investors perceived its strengths and weaknesses to be, the role its funds played in their portfolios, and the perceived consistency of its approach across its global network. Central to our client's aims was the need to understand how well LPs felt it was communicating with them, from the quality of reporting materials and events, to the depth of relationships with the team and strength of the firm's brand.

A comprehensive approach

Working with our client, we devised an approach which combined both an objective scoring of our client's operations across key factors, with in-depth interviews to understand why our client's stakeholders scored them as they did. A cross-section of our client's investors from across the globe was selected in order to provide a range of experiences resulting from contact with different parts of our client's organisation. We were able to explore particular contact-specific issues through the interviews to understand the nature and root of latent issues.

'Tangible outputs'

This study provided an assessment of our client versus the broader market to act as a route map for directing future strategic plans, as well as an action list of immediate items to be addressed. In addition, the study also provided insights into both the market positioning of our client versus key competitors and the nature of key developments within the investor community that will have a bearing on our client's future business.

Like to know more?

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