Taking the temperature of key emerging private equity markets

Every six months, we carry out surveys for Deloitte to examine the state of play in the Indian and MENA private equity markets. The work involves gauging the views of these regions' leading private equity executives on likely future trends in their rapidly growing markets.

Arbor Square has done a very thorough and professional job, leveraging off their knowledge of private equity markets generally to really get under the skin of what is happening in India. I have even had direct feedback from one respondent who said he himself had got a lot from the Arbor Square interview, which had challenged him to think about his business in the light of market developments

— Chris Ward, Head of Global Corporate Finance Advisory, Deloitte

Gaining real insights into a growing market

Deloitte is looking to increase its understanding of key emerging markets such as India and MENA in order to capitalise on growth opportunities for the firm and its clients. As conditions in more established private equity markets toughen, real insights into the newer growth areas are becoming ever more valuable. Just as importantly, Deloitte's teams in India and the MENA region use the findings of the research to generate significant levels of press coverage and market awareness, as well as leveraging the findings in one-on-one meetings with potential clients.

A programme of in-depth interviews

Every six months we undertake programmes of in-depth interviews with 30-40 leading players in both the Indian and MENA private equity markets to obtain candid views and opinions on how these markets are likely to develop going forward. We gather, analyse and organise the information in order to draw out key trends and valuable insights.

Highlighting the challenges and opportunities

The study gives an ongoing indication of where the market is going across all key stages of the private equity cycle - from raising funds to doing deals, managing portfolios and achieving exits.

The latest survey has revealed the following:

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