Creating a platform for growth

Any business seeking to scale needs to have a clear strategy and the right organisational structures and processes in place.

We were approached by a mid-market buyout house that was in the process of taking its business ‘to the next level’. The group had reached an inflection point in its development and was seeking to define and implement a more formalised strategy and structure across the business to serve as a platform for growth. The team was keen to bring in a third party to provide an objective and independent perspective on the business to feed into the re-structuring process.

Moving to the next level

Our client had successfully carved out a niche for itself in the UK mid-market and had a share of voice that belied its small size. However, their profile was beginning to suffer from resource constraints, a dilution of strategic focus, and an overly reactive house style.

By conducting a thorough audit of the perceptions of our client’s key stakeholders, we were able to provide an in-depth evaluation of their value proposition, differentiators, perceived areas of expertise, as well as team strengths and weaknesses in relation to deal origination, investment execution, relationship management and communication.

A 360-degree perception audit and opportunity analysis

A programme of in-depth, peer-to-peer interviews was undertaken across the client’s stakeholder base, to provide a 360-degree snapshot of their organisation. Interview participants included:

The research programme also included a comprehensive data review, covering the client’s core market and adjacent segments, analysing the competitive landscape, market size / share, and deal flow trends in the UK mid-market by deal size, sector, region and type. The data review formed the basis for exploring our client’s future market positioning, in light of team competencies, resource and firepower, in the context of the broader market and competitive dynamics.

Building on success and formalising processes

The results were disseminated during a series of working sessions with the client. Further working sessions were also held with the client’s brand consultant.

On the back of the research, our client refined its strategic focus and is in the process of implementing a new marketing and communications strategy. The results also fed into the client’s team restructuring and recruitment process.

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