A rigorous research-led methodology shapes our work

As a first step we meet with the client to understand clearly what the key objectives are in order to be able to plan who to talk to and where to go to get the information we're looking for.

Once we've agreed the plan we begin gathering the information - carrying out in-depth interviews with people and interrogating databases and other sources of intelligence. Often the information is fairly sensitive and hard to come by, making it all the more interesting.

The next step is to organise and analyse the findings, draw out valuable insights for the client and together create an action plan.

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  • Understanding

    We work with our clients to:

    • Fully understand their needs
    • Develop a tailored solution

    Key stages include:

    • Detailed Proposal
    • Project Design Meeting
    • Inception Meeting
    • Working Sessions
  • Data Gathering

    A tailored approach may include:

    • Primary Research
    • Desk Research
    • Data Analysis

    The team has experience of a range of methodological approaches

  • Knowledge Building

    Insights are built on real work understanding, providing:

    • Trend Analysis
    • Benchmarking
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • Perception Analysis
  • Recommending

    Synthesis of research findings and relating of insights to specific client needs and circumstances.

    Key Elements:

    • Implications
    • Implementation
    • Monitoring
    • Review

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