Are we creating the right impression?
Are our messages getting through?
What do our key stakeholders think about us?
What are people saying about us when we're not in the room?
It's about reputation

Reputation. It takes years to build and seconds to destroy. While it can be of incalculable value to your organisation, it essentially lies beyond your direct control in the thoughts and feelings others have about you - in the stories that surround you and your organisation.

You can't control your reputation, but you can influence it. The starting point is to get to the bottom of what people are really thinking and feeling. What are people saying about you? What are they not saying? Armed with this understanding you can work out how best to influence and build your reputation.

Take, for example, a project we undertook for one of the world’s largest general partners. The reputation and potential success of their growth capital business was closely aligned with investor sentiments towards this somewhat opaque sector. Our client needed a clearer picture of how limited partners categorise the space, and their perceptions of the leading players, so that it could make better-informed decisions about how to develop its own activities in this area. Exploring LP views of the growth equity market. Read the case study.