Arbor Square is a specialist, independent research consultancy operating within the alternative assets industry.

Our clients include fund managers and advisors of all sizes active in private equity, venture capital, energy, infrastructure, real estate, credit and hedge funds.

We add value to our clients as a result of our proven ability to obtain detailed information and insight that informs their strategic initiatives, such as preparing for a fundraising campaign or accelerating business development, and helps them to improve their relationships with key stakeholders.

Typically, we work alongside senior professionals within our client firms, including those active in areas such as investor relations, deal origination, business development and communications.

Stakeholder Perception Studies

Our stakeholder perception studies are a fundamental component of our clients’ forward planning.

  • IR / Fundraising
    Our fundraising and investor relations services are tailored to the needs of alternative fund managers of all descriptions, informing their approach to raising capital and improving their approach to LP client management.
  • Strategy
    Clients use our strategic development services to enable them to improve their market position and develop strategies for entering new markets.
  • Dealflow
    Alternative asset management firms make use of our dealflow studies to help them improve origination strategies, while we also help intermediaries to build and develop their sponsor coverage programs.
  • Portfolio
    Fund managers use our portfolio services to make sure their post-deal management strategies are adding value, as well as to prepare CEOs for their role in the GP’s own fundraising process.


Through our ‘ReferencePoint’ service, we provide independent, pre-prepared references for our clients’ fundraising datarooms, reducing the need for prospective investors to undertake their own large-scale referencing exercises.

Create an efficient process

  • Reduce the burden on your CEOs and other referees by cutting the number of calls they have to take
  • Speed fundraising by reducing time LPs spend on their own reference calls
  • Encourage early viewing of references to ensure LP discussions focus on your real experience

Be seen as investor friendly

  • Level the information playing field for resource-strapped LPs
  • Position yourself as open, transparent and providing LPs with the information they want
  • Allow LPs otherwise excluded by time-zone or language barriers to benefit from access to reference materials

Get your story heard

  • Allow the credible voice of CEOs and other referees to tell your story
  • Use professionals who understand the relationship between investor and investee
  • Provide input into the questionnaire to ensure key aspects of your fundraising narrative are drawn out

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