Through our ‘ReferencePoint’ service, we provide independent, pre-prepared references for our clients’ fundraising datarooms, reducing the need for prospective investors to undertake their own large-scale referencing exercises.

Create an efficient process

  • Reduce the burden on your CEOs and other referees by cutting the number of calls they have to take
  • Speed fundraising by reducing time LPs spend on their own reference calls
  • Encourage early viewing of references to ensure LP discussions focus on your real experience

Be seen as investor friendly

  • Level the information playing field for resource-strapped LPs
  • Position yourself as open, transparent and providing LPs with the information they want
  • Allow LPs otherwise excluded by time-zone or language barriers to benefit from access to reference materials

Get your story heard

  • Allow the credible voice of CEOs and other referees to tell your story
  • Use professionals who understand the relationship between investor and investee
  • Provide input into the questionnaire to ensure key aspects of your fundraising narrative are drawn out